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Essentials - Touchstone Essentials, packed with antioxidants to help fight ageing.

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33 Servings of Farm-Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Doctors say to eat more fruits and vegetables. Easier said than done. Maybe that’s why greater than 75% of us don’t get the recommended 5 to 9 a day. And we suffer for it, with a rise in health issues, when we could be turning to healing foods.

It takes 33 servings of farm-fresh fruits and veggies to make one serving of Essentials. There isn’t one super ingredient in Essentials—there are many—a rich blend with antioxidants in complete whole fruit and vegetable form.*

Studies show an antioxidant-rich diet leads to a healthy life. Antioxidants are the healthy compounds found in fruits, vegetables and herbs which help neutralize the damaging free radicals created in our bodies every day. We just have to eat enough of them.

With Essentials, you can wow your doctor with your daily intake of fruits and veggies as you look and feel better from the inside out.*

Essentials is all the benefit of a diet rich in raw fruits and veggies, in three small capsules, backed by a 30-day “good inside” guarantee.

Third-party tests reveal an antioxidant (ORAC) rating of 30,000 per serving. See how antioxidants stop the rusting inside with our video short:

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